ergochair 500

The Ergochair ec500 is different than the ec400 model in the aspect of tilt. The ec400 has a custom-specified fixed tilt-in-space angle, but the ec500 model has a dynamic tilt that can be adjusted as often as you wish, from upright to rearward tilt. The ec500 also is a completely made-to-measure upholstered lounge chair with thick foam cushions that are custom-specified fixed tilt angle in space, but sized and shaped for each client. The seat-to-back angle is custom specified, based on comfort and toleration of the client. All other dimensions such as seat depth, back height, pelvic width and other aspects are particular to the client. In addition we can accommodate asymmetry and provide other types of support needed. Custom head positioning pillows and stuff pillow are also available.

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Dynamic tilt-in-space for ultimate comfort and adjustability

Made to fit all sizes - from child to adult

Custom built to client measurements

Can be adjusted for changes and growth

Soft hi-quality foam

Shoulder-to-pelvis lateral cushions

Elevating legrest for relaxation, position change or passive stretch

Optional fixed footrest or fixed-angle legrest for tight hamstrings

Soft shaped backrest with mid-line orientation wedges

Optional adjustable-height pillow

Easy-adjust padded hip belt

Total-lock non-marking casters

Wide-ranging esthetic choice of hospital-grade anti-bacterial fabrics - easy to match to any decor or taste!

Optional armrests and tray